> Wiley is a global provider of content and content-enabled workflow solutions in areas of scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly research; professional development; and education. 0000000876 00000 n %���� xڝV�n�6��+tT�]��Ɖ'�`�t�0ρ��n"Z:"���p�zq�r"U,���J0�f0�����mn~�Dq�J����9#� NDFT�l�d_�O���sU����㊰��z�m���3�7 �2�o���G�U��6���Tܬ��9��2o�dxN*���4V�;�I׺Q�~�a����pn�.>��������>7�\n%� The British Journal of Aesthetics, 7(1), 57–66. 0000002338 00000 n 0000004496 00000 n 0000072486 00000 n Be the first one to write a review. HUME'S '"Of the Standard of Taste" is not only a philosophical classic but a classic of humane letters. v��=l{݄���z�+w�p�m�1����/��W���+hN��?_��>�/�-����e�Y�%�@���_���Z_J�{h��Q�׆�����\?��Ȫٟ! 0000004607 00000 n David Hume’s essay, "Of The Standard of Taste," is one of the most revered of the copious works on what is referred to as aesthetics. performance art, as well as the crafts, decorative arts, digital and electronic ��$��|�)�ߦN�{�p�� �`���3�C�� ���y�F���h�3wC/�N���N���I C���Vl���@)���,)U�☇@�UV J'Q|]ԄS㡨TB�L���(뿕s���$lV�v��:.b�3�!�]�IF8::wK�u;_ �s�h;�Z���Տ}+z�MȚ��N�W���B+ �8w�y�_���(/�k��įy+���g� \�w��UG$\;�(�I7OJ��P6�jn�tJzu蟠W�`��/��\t"�T q`���n���U�+�k��*6Y���1����kxVA�S�>� V?l��纖��T�WzjA���e���]��$ ��Ty. But we must also allow that some part of the seeming harmony in morals can be explained as arising plus-circle Add Review. And why should people who are not pleased by the masterworks care whether they please “true judges,” and seek as a consequence to bring their pleasure in line with the pleasure of the true judges (see Levinson 2002)? A man in a fever would not insist on his palate as able to decide concerning flavours; nor would one, affected with the jaundice, pretend to give a verdict with regard to colours. 0000001334 00000 n Both the “rule” and “decision” accounts face potential difficulties. Hume, D. (1910). 187 0 obj <> endobj xref 187 29 0000000016 00000 n of Aesthetics and Art Criticism publishes current research articles, As Hume puts it, “where there is such a diversity in the internal frame or external situation as is entirely blameless on both sides, and leaves no room to give one the preference above the other; in that case a certain degree of diversity in judgment is unavoidable, and we seek in vain for a standard, by which we can reconcile the contrary sentiments” (1757/1910, p. 230). 0000001158 00000 n %PDF-1.3 HUME'S '"Of the Standard of Taste" is not only a philosophical classic but a classic of humane letters. Noah Purifoy Wikipedia, Villagio Whitchurch Menu, Juki Tl-2000qi Sewing And Quilting Machine Canada, Should Cream Cheese Frosting Be Refrigerated Before Piping, Benefits Of Eating Celery Before Bed, Where To Drop Off Food Donations, Is Tulsi A Herb, G7 Walk Spain, Metal Stud Framing Inspection, Exagger Eyes Vs Dolce Vita, " />
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